Various field trips are scheduled throughout the year to places in New England. Sign-ups are necessary to get an idea of how many are attending. Carpooling is generally available which is a great way to get to know other members of the club and to discuss photographic ideas and techniques while travelling to the venue. Sign ups are easy: at the club or thru the online form listed below.

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Zakim Bridge-US Consitution in Dry Dock
April 01, 2017
Nature Fun-Chebacco Woods-Gordon College-Wenham, MA-Saturday
May 27, 2017
Plovers & Terns- Plum Island & Parker River, MA-Friday
May 19 Friday, 2017
Evening Exposure-40 Steps Nahant-Monday Night
June 12, 2017
Summer Closing-Field Trip Pizza Party
June 19, 2017

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Dick Simmons

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Evening Exposure:
Monday, June 12, 2017
Coordinator: Dick Simmons

End of Year Pizza Party:
Monday, June 19, 2017
Coordinator: Susan Mosser

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Evening Exposure and End of Year Pizza Party:


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"Nubble Light Flash Gallery"
York, Maine

Field Trip Policy Reminder

With the new season upon us, we want to encourage members to take advantage of the field trips that are researched and made available during the course of the season. These provide excellent opportunities to interact with your fellow photographers and to make some top caliber images. We hope that the "old hands" will take an active part in mentoring newer workers in the photographic process. We also need to remind all members that while our Field Trip Chair and other volunteers identify locations for photography and attempt to help with logistics, neither they nor the Greater Lynn Photographic Association has any control over travel to or from a location or the conditions encountered at it. All participation in field trip activities is voluntary on the part of the member and any minor member they may bring. Neither GLPA nor the Field Trip Chair or volunteers assume any
liability for any accidents or other situations which may occur as a result of a member's participation in a field trip.

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Field Trips and Evening Exposure

Upcoming Field Trips

Field Trip General Information

Field trips are a way for you to meet your fellow member photo enthusiasts in the club. Trips range from day time all day trips to one to two hour sunset trips. They are usually followed by a late breakfast, lunch or dinner stop with the group depending on the time of the trip. Members meet at the camera club to car pool, as it’s more fun to ride with a few other club members while giving you an opportunity to visit. Of course you are always welcome to drive to the destination on your own and meet the group there.

Future trips will be planned on a monthly base and will be posted as the information is made available. Hope you will be able to attend some of the scheduled trips once they are planned and posted.

Rockport Trip

Salem Halloween

Boston Waterfront

Fall Colors

Nature WalkThrough Woods

Simmons Field Nature Trip

Zakim Bridge-US Consitution in Dry Dock
April 01, 2017 8:00 AM

This trip was postponed due to poor weather. Registration is now open again.

This trip led by GLPA member Bill Brown will take us to Paul Revere Park, which is centrally located between the Zakim Bridge and the U.S. Constitution Museum which is in dry dock. The U.S. Constitution Museum opens at 10 am on Saturday. Bill is working on a private tour of the Constitution, which he hopes to schedule at 9 AM. Details will be provided and sent to the membership as soon as he has confirmed them. If it is not available at 9 AM we can walk to the bridge for photography and return to the Constitution after the museum has opened for the tour and photography. If the tour is at 9 AM we will shoot the bridge after the tour. Please plan on a two to three hour shoot. There will be a 10 dollar per person fee-donation to go on the tour-museum. We need 10 people for a private tour so sign up now. Plan to meet in the GLPA parking lot to car pool by 7:45 am for a strict 8:00 am departure. We will stop for a group lunch at Fuddrucker's on Route 1 to end our morning.

Parking- off street parking is available at the Nautica Parking garage, located at 88 Constitution Road, Charlestown, MA 02129. The museum is a five minute walk from the garage. Validation for parking with reduced rates for the Nautica Garage is available at the museum and at the National Park Service Visitor Center. The rates are 10 dollars for up to 2 hours and 14 dollars for 2 to 4 hours.

Please bring cash for museum fee, lunch and to share parking fees with your vehicle.

Clothing-Plan on walking a distance so wear comfortable foot ware.

Equipment- your camera, memory cards and spare batteries, tripod or mono-pod, polarizer filter to reduce glare in the sky or reflections in the water or windows. Gels to add your own color to your photos if you have them. A wide angle lens, a 50mm fixed lens with a 1.4 or 1.8 for low light interiors and or a wide angle-medium zoom 24-270 ish to limit the number of lens that you have to carry. Also please bring a smile

You will have an opportunity to see and photograph the Constitution while it is in dry dock for repairs and the Zakim Bridge, which this area provides several views to photograph from for different perspectives.

Please sign up using the online registration link on the left side column of this page so that we have you name, email, and phone in case we need to cancel for inclement weather.

The image is off the Consitution website

All Zakim Images by Bill Brown


Nature Fun-Chebacco Woods-Gordon College-Wenham, MA-Saturday
May 27, 2017 4:30 AM

This field trip will has been taken over by our Field Trip Chair Dick Simmons and will now go to Chebacco Woods which is very similar to Great Meadows but closer to the club. It will leave from the camera club Saturday May 27 at 4:30 AM. We realize this is Memorial Day weekend, but it is the only weekend open.

This is a local nature area so we can all sleep in a little. We will drive to the Gordon College Campus parking lot and the entrance to Chebacco Woods. This is a typical wetlands area and the trails give good proximity to marsh areas, small ponds, and a lake or two. It is a large area to explore. Some examples of bird sightings over the last couple of days are: Red Tail Hawks, Wood Duck, Tree Sparrows, Ruby Crowned Kinglet, Ringed Neck Duck, Red Winged Black Birds (lots), Red Shouldered Hawk, Red Bellied Wood Pecker, Pine Warbler, Pileated Wood Pecker. Peregrine Falcon, Osprey, Great Egret, Great Blue Herron, to name a few. On my first visit, I scared up about 6 wood ducks, I need to be a lot more patient and quiet. This is a great option for locals and not as far away as Great Meadow and similar in many respects to that location. Bring a tripod and your longest lenses or combination of with a 1.4 or 2x tele-convertor for the birds and your macro close up lens and equipment for flowers, mushrooms and ground items. Wear layers and have on good walking shoes. This is not a great place for scenic shots. We will stop someplace for a late breakfast on our way home. Have cash with you to pay for your meal and your share car expenses should there be any.

Please sign up using the online link on the left side column of this page so we have your email, phone number and name in case we need to cancel due to poor weather.

Plovers & Terns- Plum Island & Parker River, MA-Friday
May 19 Friday, 2017 4:15 AM

We will meet at the club at 4:00 am for a strict departure time of 4:15 AM and drive to the Plumb Island Point parking lot. As a group we will photograph the sunrise from Plumb Island Point and then after sunrise we will proceed to Parker River. There is a 5 dollar access fee per car unless you possess a National Park Senior pass. If you do have a pass bring it with you. The car you are in may be able to use it. We will then drive all the way to the end of the road to Sandy Point State Park-this is the farthest parking lot in- and hike out to the dunes.

Last year, on a similar trip there were numerous plover chicks available for photography and the terns were also very busy protecting their nests, so bring a hat, as terns are very territorial. Wear good walking shoes, dress in layers and if you want to lie on the ground it may be wet. For equipment you will need a tripod. Bring a short telephoto lens about 70-200mm for the sunrise and your longest possible lens or combination of with a 1.4 or 2x tele-convertor. On the way back to the club we will stop for a late breakfast so also have cash with you for the meal and to help with your share of car expenses.

Please sign up using the online link on the left side column of this page so we have your email, phone number and name in case we need to cancel due to poor weather.

Evening Exposure-40 Steps Nahant-Monday Night
June 12, 2017 6:PM

We will depart from club at 6:00 PM and drive to the Nahant Village Church, 27 Cliff Street, Nahant arriving at about 6:30. Please park on Cliff Street and walk to the Northeastern University Marine Science Center. It is about a half a mile walk past views of Egg Rock and 40 Steps. The university grounds which are open to the public from dawn to dusk, are the site of an abandoned Nike Missile base which has interesting granite structures and walking trails. It also affords excellent views of the rugged rock bound coast and the city of Boston off in the distance.

Parking is very limited at this site and available to Nahant residents only thus why we are walking in from Cliff Street. Bring a snack if you wish-make sure to carry your rubbish back out with you- and we will visit a local restaurant for a late dinner after sunset. This is a scenic setting, but there is also wildlife to photograph and macro possibilities. Bring a tripod, macro close up equipment and a short telephoto lens about a 70-200mm. Wear good walking shoes and have a light jacket.

Please sign up using the online link on the left side column of this page so we have your email, phone number and name in case we need to cancel due to poor weather.

Summer Closing-Field Trip Pizza Party
June 19, 2017 7 PM

Every year we close the season off with a Field Trip Pizza Party and Gathering to view images from the years past trips. It's a great way to end the year and leave with some wonderful memories. Further information about this night will be posted in May 2017.