"Summer Closing Party-Pizza & Digital Images"
by Susan & Jake Mosser- Directors
Monday, June 19, 7:00 PM

As is our custom, we will be having an end of the year gathering to share our images and enjoy a little pizza with friends. This night is open to any club member whether you have gone on a field trip or not. This is a great opportunity for you to compare your shots to those of someone standing beside you. If you are attending, please plan to be at the club by 6:45 P.M. We would also appreciate it if you would sign up on the website, field trip page. Click the sign up link on the left side, answer the information needed and hit send, to let Susan and Jake know you are attending so they can get an estimated count for the pizza order and libations. You can pay the night of the party or pay Susan Mosser ahead of time at the banquet or mail her a check. Please remember if you sign up you must pay as whether you are there to eat or not we have ordered enough food and drink to cover your name in the count and we still need to pay for what we ordered.

There is a 7 dollar charge for pizza, beer, wine, and refreshments. If you'd like to bring along a salad or dessert, please do, but drop Susan an email at s.jmosser@comcast.net that you are doing so, again so we can make sure we have enough for everyone. Even if you didn't attend any official club field trip please feel free to bring your images in to be viewed. Perhaps you went on an interesting trip or field trip of your own. Remember, we have no entertainment without the images, and no entertainment makes for a very dull night. Put up to twelve images on a thumb drive or a CD, sized as you would for competition -1024 x 768, and we'll all have a delightful evening of sharing the creativity and camaraderie of that mutual endeavor that rules us all- Photography.

Mail checks made out to Susan Mosser to
173Central St
North Reading, MA 01864